Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Last week i wanted to print out some pretty tickets that had been offered as a freebie on a blog. But when i took them into photoshop they were tiny at 300dpi. So i decided to design a few simple tickets myself instead.

As my drawing abilities are pretty non existent, i took a look through some pretty images i had downloaded over the last few months from sites that either allow commercial usage or allow you to use them if you will be sharing freely. I selected some from The Graphics Fairy and The Old Design Shop that offer good quality images at a good size.

If you are new to this like me, remember to check whether there is a limit on how many images you may use in one project. I forgot and had to go back and remove two tickets from this sheet and design two more tickets with images i had from a Dover book. However i'm delighted with how the tickets turned out.

So here they are, if they can be of use to anyone else. Please note they are for personal use only.

Please click HERE to download


  1. Hi Theresly, They are lovely and downloaded no bother. thank you

  2. Very nice tickets and no problem to download. Nice blog!!

  3. These are really lovely. I will use them on my cards for friends, thanks for all the effort that went into these.

  4. Enjoy your new blog andhave fun with challenges!

  5. Blogs are great. I know you will enjoy the challenges.